Enjoying the Little Things

Hi all! I hope you are enjoying my blog so far. I am working on a few ideas for upcoming posts so keep an eye out for those, but I just wanted to share some thoughts that I had today…


Recently I’ve been stuck in bed for a while due to this lovely little disease called mono. It was so nice today to finally get out and breathe in some fresh beach air, even though my tight throat was begging me to put it back into the warmth and safety of the indoors of my home. Whatever… it will definitely be better for my health in the long run. Sometimes it is important to just get out and experience the beauty of the place in which you live. Especially this time of the year when the dead trees are coming back to life, colors are popping out throughout the landscape, and the air is bringing new life back to everything that breathes it in.


The Terror of Technology

I arrived at the local beach with my mother as the sun was beginning to go down; it was one of those evenings that was so perfectly peaceful. If you are ever trying to decide whether to do something outside, do it. Every day’s beauty should be grasped on to for as long as possible. Make the most of it. Especially when our beloved Earth is changing so drastically, you never know when the last time will be that you can enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature so perfectly.

I have always been captured by the world around me. Mesmerized, almost. I am wonder-struck by the beauty of every detail around me. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the pressure of crossing another item off your to-do list or staying up-to-date with the latest news from social media. In fact, it is very easy in this day and age for superficial and petty things to distract you and take away from what you should really be paying attention to.

I encourage you all to live in the moment, and enjoy each moment as you never know which will be your last. I think this is the root of true happiness. Happiness comes when you become aware of all you have to be thankful for instead of just taking it all for granted. It is when I am listening to the cry of the seagulls or watching the glimmer of the waves as they move towards the shore when I am able to feel this. It is when I am content with just being and nothing more.

When we are distracted by our phones, computers, or whatever other screens may be glaring through our souls, we get sucked in. I worry for young people today who are getting accustomed to learning from iPads instead of books; will they ever be able to truly cherish what they have around them and live without technology? Will they ever be able to feel completely fulfilled with the life they were given? I hope that younger generations are also being taught how to live apart from gadgets and gizmos; otherwise are we really raising well-rounded humans, or just products of society designed to further progress the power of technology?

We need to teach our kids how to spend time with their loved ones, how to explore the wild outdoors and lead their own adventures., and how to express themselves through music and art.

Sometimes we all need to just stop what we are doing, go outside, sit still and just take it all in. Especially in a world that is always “go, go, go” when your energy is so focused on what is going to happen next, it is easy to miss out on actually living in the present.



I have been going to church ever since I was a little girl, yet I do not consider myself a very religious person. The only reason I really went was for the music. I have been singing in Episcopal choirs since the age of 6, and they have truly shaped me into the person I am today. I think part of this is because I learned what it was to find passion from within and from something that could only be found in special moments, like in the silence at the very end of a piece in a service (If you have ever witnessed this, it is right when the director has cut the choir off, but doesn’t lower his or her arms because the effect of the music still has the audience frozen under its spell). Moments where you feel bound to the atmosphere, and that the slightest movement may break the magic that suspends it. Moments where everything feels like how it should be. I think if there is a God, this is when I am able to feel His presence. Moments like these I can also find in nature and sometimes in the most unsuspected places. However, it is so easy to miss them (sometimes they happen in a blink of an eye) if you are looking down at your phone.


There are moments in life that are magical. We have all witnessed them. This Earth and this life are sacred and precious things which we need to appreciate more. If there is ever an opportunity to enjoy them to a fuller extent, take that opportunity. Not only will you be able to experience more, but you will also get to know yourself better. I’ve never tried any type of meditation before, but I believe my own type of meditation is being at one with nature. It is in nature where I find myself most at wonder with this life. There are so many spectacular things to enjoy and to be happy about that it doesn’t make sense to live caught up in the hurry of our society which only leads to worry and distraction.

So take a moment to put down your phone and look around yourself. If you look hard enough, you will be able to find wonder around every corner. If you do it often enough, it becomes easier. Enjoy the little things in life, find yourself, and transcend into happiness.

DSCN7358I am thankful for trips to the beach with my mum… what are you thankful for?


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