A Routine for the Lazy-of-Heart

Today has been yet another typical day in my so-far-pleasant summer break from college. I’m starting to get into quite a good routine, which has definitely helped me become more productive. I’ve been going to sleep a lot better because not only do I feel accomplished for the day, but I’ve also been exercising more which has helped my body to get into its own routine.

If you are like former-me, you may lie in bed all day watching Netflix, and by the time you actually want to do something productive it is already dark outside, at which point it is too late. It is a very easy but bad habit to get into. I would definitely advise against it.

When school ends, you are inclined to feel like you deserve a break. And trust me, you do. However, if you don’t keep your body and mind in shape, this type of break could turn out to have more adverse effects on your well-being than you initially intended it to have.

Breaking this habit can be done by putting a daily routine into place. I’ve found that with a routine, you are more able to accomplish things and feel more energized throughout the day. Especially if you are able to make time for things you enjoy doing, you will be more willing to do the maybe not-so-pleasant things like organizing or studying for finals if they have a place in your schedule.

Even if you’re saying to yourself right now that you are the most unorganized person and could never stick to a routine, I promise you it’s mind over matter. If you believe that you can be organized, then you will be. It’s just making your mind invest into that part of you. You must will yourself to be organized. This starts with getting into a routine.

Since I’ve been feeling better in the past few days, this is what my routine has been shaping up to be in list form:

  1. Wake up
  2. Make bed (apparently people who make their bed every day end up to be more productive than those who don’t)
  3. Wash face
  4. Eat breakfast with Netflix (gotta allow yourself some leeway…)
  5. Brush teeth
  6. Go on a run
  7. Take a cold shower
  8. Relax for a bit
  9. Read/write/study
  10. Eat Lunch (with more Netflix obviously)
  11. Browse the internet/enjoy some time outside
  12. Read/write more/clean up/do anything that needs to be done!
  13. Dinner with family
  14. Get ready for bed
  15. Plan out the next day
  16. Read/write/watch movies until bed

This is just a rough outline of what I’ve been getting up to. My routine sometimes changes depending on what time I get up or how tired I am feeling that day, along with if I have other plans with friends or family. But I’ve been starting to realize that it’s almost impossible to stick to this schedule/routine without a good night’s sleep.

Waking up after a good night’s sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel so satisfied and much more motivated to take on the day. And with the added bonus of already knowing what you’ve set out to do that day, you can feel happier while checking items off your list as the day goes along. I definitely would recommend scheduling enough time for your beauty rest every night!

So please, take care of yourself and do what you must to keep your mind and body happy! (Even if that means sneaking that extra piece of chocolate 😉 ) If you have a good routine, you won’t be distracted with all of the things you should be doing with your time but instead will be able to fill your time better with appreciating all of the things around you. Find a routine that makes you a better and happier person…and then stick to it.


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