The Benefits of Running

Recently I’ve started to run regularly outside and the effects it has had on me have been amazing.

I am definitely not one who enjoys exercising. First of all, I am the least coordinated/athletic person you may ever meet. I literally trip over my own feet (no joke). Second of all, I’m one of the most laziest people on the planet. Just the effort of having to get ready to work out is enough to put me off of it.

However, I’ve hesitantly been powering through and guess what? It’s worth it.

Starting off the day with a run has so many benefits. Let me try and convince you why you too should force yourself to get out of bed and go outside.

  1. It wakes you up. If you are able to have a quick breakfast and head out the door, you are immediately functioning way better than you were about half an hour ago. All you have to do is get dressed and throw on a pair of running shoes and you’re ready to go. Minimal effort for getting your brain started up for the day. Also, once you start to get moving and start to breathe in some fresh air you feel as though you are waking up in synchronization with the rest of the world. The birds are chirping and you are on your way to a productive day!
  2. It’s therapeutic. Sometimes I set off with a “bad bitches” or a “you got this” playlist playing on my phone. Before I know it, every step I take has a little ounce of passion or anger attached to it. Unless you are with a partner, running gives you a block of time where you have your mind to yourself and all you have to focus on is the path ahead of you. It’s almost like meditation. You begin to think about anything that may be worrying you or on your mind, but you channel it into your exercise. That way when you come home from a run you will feel like you put all of your negativity into making yourself a better and healthier person. I’m all for channeling those negative emotions into a positive outcome!
  3. You will feel more energized. It seems counter-intuitive at first when you think of how exhausted you can feel when you collapse on the floor after a long hot run. But running regularly will make you feel more able and ready to get up and move even more. I found that since I’ve started running I’ve been finding more ways to enjoy other outdoor activities, like bike rides. Maybe running is the cure for laziness..?
  4. Running gets you outside! Sometimes we are so glued to our phones and computers that we forget there’s a whole world out there full of beautiful creatures and plants! I’ve always enjoyed nature and going on long walks. Taking in your surroundings provides you with a certain fulfillment that you can’t find anywhere else. Outside is where I feel most alive; it refreshes your spirit as well as your mind.
  5. There’s no pressure. Running outside is a time for you to be with yourself. I literally never visit a gym, mostly because I hate the thought of exercising where other people can see me. I’m the most awkward mover and I cringe at the thought of how self-conscious I can be in an enclosed place where everyone else around me is so buff or knows exactly what they’re doing. The joy of running outside is that there’s nobody there to judge you. You can go at your own pace with your own technique, whatever floats your boat.
  6. In the wise words of Elle Woods…


‘Nuff said.


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