A Eudaimon Life

Happiness: I’ve found myself feeling a lot of it recently. Whether it’s at the gym, discussing a topic with several of my philosophy friends, or just hanging out with my boyfriend, I find myself in a state of harmonic contentment; everything seems to be falling into place. Everything feels right.

I’ve made some changes in my life over the past few months that seem to be pushing me in the right direction, leading me to a place where everything I do, I feel invested in. All of my activities seem to be for some greater end, rendering them all worth doing.

Finding my purpose in life is a constant struggle that I enjoy grappling with every single day. Philosophy has played a huge role in this pursuit, giving me the intellectual freedom I have so often craved. I seem to be in a state of flow every time I pursue my thoughts (which exist in multitudes at a time, let me assure you) and do something that furthers my ability to do so (i.e. working hard in classes to get a degree so I can do research). I suppose my goal in life is to be in a constant state of flow where I enjoy everything I do. Maybe this is too idealistic, but it is a goal nonetheless.

Once I have that goal in mind, I can take small actions every day to pursue smaller goals whose ultimate aim is that wholistic flow, or sense of harmony. So maybe I don’t know exactly how to get there right now, but I believe that by listening to my inner sense of what feels right (or thémis, as Homer would have put it), I will be guided in the right direction. I have faith in what I feel, perhaps because my feelings seem to be more in tune with my true sense of purpose than I am often intellectually aware of.

So I challenge you all to take a few moments a day to sit back, question “what is this all about?”, and then remind yourself of what truly makes you happy. Then stick to it.