About Me


Hello lovely people of the internet!! My name is Gabi and I recently finished my second year at Bucknell University. I started this blog at the premature end of my second semester due to a horrible case of… mono. 😦 As I sat dying in bed for about a week straight, I decided that I needed to do something at least somewhat productive while my friends were working away back on campus preparing for their dreaded finals. I always have a lot on my mind, but I’m not always the first to speak it. So, I thought why not put my thoughts on the internet? That way I would be able to express my ideas and thoughts to hopefully an audience that would want to hear them!

I currently am a philosophy major and intending to add religious studies to the mix. When I’m not pondering the realities of our existence, you will find me singing in church or in front of my bedroom mirror (accompanied by my very best dance moves), and always having a great time. I am also currently working on a research fellowship with the education department of Bucknell University which is trying to learn more about the revitalization of the Lakota language on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at gsh012@bucknell.edu.


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